Saturday 28th October to Sunday 5th November

Jacaranda Festival Life Members

Join us in congratulating our Life Members of the Jacaranda Festival:

Arthur A Lipmann

J.C. O’Brien

Noel F Palfrey

A.A. Young

K.M. McCallum

Leo J Abrahams

H.G. Goodes

Mavis McClymont MBE

Joan McBay

Ray W Fanning

Tom Noonan

Kit McEwan AM

Adele Meier

Arthur Robinson

Joy Zietsch

Trevor Lee

June Allen

Anne de Graaf

Doug Barnier

Evelyn Mitchell

Gordon Wingfield

Roy & Jean Bowling

Helen & Keith Weatherstone

Denise Slingsby

 President & Secretary Honour Roll

Take a peak over the years, at our Honour Roll of Presidents, Secretaries and Queens Party. Thanks to all that have given their time to supporting our important Festival.

Honour Roll 1935 - 2015.xlsx 19.4KB 03 Jul 2016 9:05 PM