Saturday 28th October to Sunday 5th November

 Taking Jacaranda Tree Photos

When the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom, Grafton is a spectacular sight to behold. One of the favourite past times, is to travel around the Valley and take photos! Here we list the best streets in Grafton to stop and take a picture. Click to view the street locations:

Kent Street, Grafton

Jacaranda Avenue, Pound Street, Grafton

Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria & Duke Street, Grafton

See Park, Cnr of Pound & Turf Street, Grafton

Prince Street, Grafton

Turf Street, Grafton

Bacon Street, Grafton

North Street, Grafton

Cranworth Street, Grafton

Big Jacaranda Trees

Grafton's Biggest Jacaranda Tree at 'The Gorge'

Grafton holds the title of 'Biggest Jacaranda Tree' on the 'National Tree Register of Big Trees' . Our Biggest Tree resides at 'The Gorge' via Copmanhurst measuring 30 metres high with a 6 metre circumference and a crown of some 36 metres!  Trees need to be nominated and be impressive examples of tree growth.

Read more about Grafton's title on The Daily Examiner's website.

If you are a tree lover, Grafton lays claim to a few other Big Trees. Click on the links to see our big:

Fig - White

Brazilian Firetree

Crow's Ash, Australian Teak

Links courtesy of National Register of Big Trees.